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6 Home Care Benefits for Those Who Are Ageing, or Living with a Disability or Chronic Illness

Choosing to receive care at home is an empowering decision, for both the care recipient, and their family. Whether living with a chronic illness, disability, or ageing, home care offers many benefits — we've chosen our favourite 6 to talk about.

Home, Sweet Home

Receiving in-home care allows you to continue living in your own home. It may sound obvious, but our homes are a massive source of comfort and joy, so we can all agree that it makes sense to want to continue living in our homes for as long as possible. Home care can help you do this in a dignified way.


From the big things to the small, with a home carer you have the ability to pick and choose which aspects of your life you would like assistance with. Something as simple as eating - while living in your own home you have the freedom to choose what to eat, and when. Retaining control of these basic decisions allows us to remain independent, and can make a huge difference to our mental health and wellbeing.


By staying in your own home, you're also remaining within your existing community — that includes the many relationships and friendships you've built over the years, access to community events and services, and the many relaxing and exciting community spaces likes gardens and parks. Even better, your pet companions will be able to continue living with you. (Did you know there are many pet-friendly carers on the Home Carers Direct platform?)


By handpicking your preferred care or support worker, you're already well on your way to building and maintaining a meaningful one-on-one relationship with them. You're the centre of their attention during your bookings. You can also customise the level of care required based on your needs, ranging from domestic and social care, all the way up to high level nursing care. The rating system means you'll be able to provide your carer with useful feedback and a Requested content not found. for other care seekers to view.


All carers who use the Home Carers Direct platform set their own rates, which are visible on their profiles when you perform a search for carers in your area. These rates are competitive and flexible. It also pays to contact your carer ahead of the booking to discuss your requirements, as rates are based on the level of care that is being provided, so they may be able adjust their rate accordingly.


Care bookings can be made as often or as infrequently as you need. If you like the comfort and reassurance that a carer will be with you at the same time each week, you can arrange this. However, if you like the flexibility to book someone only as you require, you can make bookings on an ad-hoc basis. Carers who use the Home Carers Direct platform are as flexible as you are, and are happy to book appointments that suit both of you - wherever or whenever that may be.


Home care has never been easier to arrange. Using the Home Carers Direct platform, you have even greater flexibility and control over the care you receive. Get started today by searching for a care or support worker in your area, who suits your needs.

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