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8 Services You Didn't Know are Offered at Home Carers Direct

Among the various service offerings available, you can book a carer for obvious services like medication management or wound care (learn more about these services here), but people are often surprised to learn about the simpler services you can book a carer for.

For whatever reason, we often have the best intentions of being there for our loved ones, but life can get in the way and we are often not able to be there when our loved ones need help the most. Simple tasks like taking letters to the post office, or making sure dietary requirements are being met. You can book a carer through the Home Carers Direct platform for these domestic and social care services, and more.


A basic requirement that can be taken for granted. Having someone there to pass time and to have a conversation with can be an important preventive care measure. Whether at home, on an outing, or even going to see a movie - you can find the perfect carer to spend time with your loved one.

Personal Assistance

Tasks that may seem simple to us, can seems like an impossible feat to someone living with an injury, an illness or a disability. A domestic service carer can assist your loved one with administrative tasks such as paying bills, making phone calls, sending emails, and more.

Home and Garden Maintenance

Besides being enjoyable, gardening has many health benefits. It can reduce stress levels, and the incidental exercise can help prevent or reduce the symptoms of diseases like osteoporosis. Gardens, however, can be a massive undertaking to maintain. Having a carer on hand to help with the more difficult aspects, or just being there to keep a watchful eye as your loved one enjoys this hobby can be a great reassurance.

Home Cleaning and Laundry

The cleanliness of ones home can largely affect the way they feel about themselves and their quality of life. It can even be a social barrier to having friends and family come to visit. Let a domestic service carer take care of the hard to reach areas and monotonous tasks, so your loved one can worry about the more important things.

Meal Planning and Preparation

Nothing beats a home cooked meal. When you are limited by an injury, illness or disability, it can be easy to make poor meal choices that might seem faster or easier. To ensure your loved one is accessing healthy and nutritious meals, book a domestic service carer to help them plan and prepare meals that are not only going to be good for them, but delicious too!

Monitor Diet and Hygiene

We're all a bit forgetful, but sometimes being forgetful can be detrimental to our health - forgetting to eat or shower, even more so. Rest easy knowing you can book a carer to regularly drop in on your loved ones to keep an eye on their diet and hygiene, when you're unable to.


Shopping can be a difficult prospect, to which there a many barriers. Getting to the supermarket, physically pushing a shopping trolley, remembering to collect everything on the shopping list, accessing hard to reach items, and getting all those groceries back home. A carer can assist in all these aspects and make sure your loved one has a well stocked home with everything they need to live comfortably.


We live in a day and age where there are many transport options available to us - public transport, cabs, or even ride share apps. What these services lack is a sense of patience and an attention to detail. Using the Home Carers Direct platform, you individually pick the carer who will be driving your loved one and spending time with them. Ensure a comfortable, considerate, and punctual ride.

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