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Are You Afraid of Accessing Care and Support Services During COVID-19?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it's perfectly natural to be concerned or even afraid of accessing care and support services at home because of the perceived risks involved.

However, depending on your circumstances, it is important to also consider that this might be a time when you need help or support more than ever to help you stay healthy (both physically and emotionally), and importantly, keep you living in your own home. And during these unusual times it is important to try to maintain as many comfort routines and habits as possible in the circumstances because these are incredibly important for our general wellbeing and can also be a source of security for us. So, you might like to consider the following services that you can access services with more safety that you otherwise thought as there are ways to avoid physical contact with others and maintain social distancing.

With social distancing requirements and practices firmly in place, you can take comfort in knowing that care and support workers understand what is expected of them. And, as you know, if you're in Victoria in metropolitan Melbourne or the Mitchell Shire, face coverings are now a requirement for additional safety.

  • You can arrange a carer or support worker to provide you with companionship or personal assistance. It's possible to make this work while maintaining physical distance, and wearing masks and using hand sanitiser for added to protection. This companionship or assistance can help you feel more connected and in control especially if you are feeling anxious, worried or stressed. You might like to consider having a care or support worker assist you with any group activities or classes which have moved online since the pandemic and restrictions began.

  • The pandemic has likely caused you to be spending time in your home than usual. You therefore might benefit from arranging for your home to be cleaned more extensively or more frequently. Again, this can be done with physical and social distancing.

  • You can have your grocery shopping delivered to you at home or arrange a carer or support worker do you grocery shopping for you. This helps you avoid spending time in supermarkets and other busy places and delivery can be contactless.

  • Arrange for meals that are suitable for freezing to be delivered to you at home. This can reduce the number of shopping trips you need to arrange and can also allow you to continue to enjoy your favourites dinners and other meals. Again, this can be contactless.

  • If restrictions permit, you can arrange or continue to have your garden maintained. Our gardens can bring us a lot of joy and you can continue to have your garden cared for and maintained without having to come in contact with your chosen gardeners.

  • If you are engaging an independent care or support worker, you can ask them about their COVID-19 infection control training and even ask to see their certificates of completion.

So while these times are challenging for all of us, and we naturally fear uncertainty, it's important to also consider the benefits care and support services can give us particularly given the safety measures we can adopt. If you'd like to learn about engaging independent care or support workers to provide you with particular in-home care services, visit

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