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An Affordable and Flexible Option While You Wait for Your Home Care Package

We live in an age where home care is very much in demand. For those who are assessed as eligible for a Home Care Package, there can be a long period of time between the time you are approved to the time you receive a package. According to the My Aged Care website, wait times can be as long as 12 months or longer, depending on your approved home care package level. During this time you may find yourself needing to privately fund your care. Fortunately, Home Carers Direct has a broad range of affordable and flexible services available.

Affordable Home Care

Home Carers Direct allows you to connect directly with care providers who set their own rates, so you are able to browse through carers available in your area to find the perfect provider for you based on their rates, qualifications, availability and more. In a recent survey of care providers using the Home Carers Direct platform in Melbourne, the average hourly cost for services was:

$28*/hr for Domestic & Social Care services
$26*/hr for Personal Care services
$40*/hr for Nursing Care services

Home Carers Direct also uses a secure payment system which holds your funds before the care appointment, and then for 3 days afterwards. This allows you to adjust your booking duration, rate and review your carer based on their performance, and if you had a problem with the care provided, you have time to appeal before final payment is made to the carer.

*As at 4/9/18 for weekday daytime care in Melbourne, and includes the 5% care seeker hosting fee.

Flexible Home Care

With Home Carers Direct, you have the flexibility to book care as little or as often as you need. Once you have found the perfect carer, you may decide to book them in every week on the same days and times, or perhaps you just require occasional care. We also understand that circumstances can change and that you may need to adjust your booking. Your carer is just a message away - you can contact them directly and organise to receive care at another date or time.

Manage Your Home Care in One Place

You can manage all aspects of your care from the one place. Begin by searching for carers in your area, then narrow your search using our advanced search tool. You can filter carers based on services they provide, or your own preferences like languages spoken or if they are pet-friendly. Once you find your preferred carer, create an account for free to contact them directly to chat and to book your first care appointment. Manage and securely pay for your bookings all online using the same account.


Using Home Carers Direct to assist you with your care needs while waiting for a Home Care Package is an affordable and flexible solution. It also gives you the opportunity to make meaningful connections with a broad range of professional in-home carers. Once your government subsidy becomes available, you even have the option to continue care with these fantastic care providers.

For more information about Home Care Packages and expected wait times, visit My Aged Care.

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