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Are you a Primary Carer?

Many of us find ourselves in the position where we are providing care or support for a family member or loved one, often as a primary carer. This loving care we provide on an unpaid basis tends to creep up on us. At first it was assistance with a task here and a task there, but as our loved one's condition progressed, our level of commitment increased.

Whether the person being cared for or supported is disabled, ill, or ageing – being someone's carer means that you are playing a very important role in the person's life. Depending on the loved one's circumstances, they might require care or support for the majority of, or even a whole day. Often this requires us to put that other person's needs before our own. Over time this can become physically and emotionally stressful, or lead us to become socially isolated.

There can sometimes be a sense of guilt associated with reaching out for help or assistance in providing this care. Carers might be worried that the person being cared for may not want to be with someone else, or even worse, be saddened by us arranging for another person to help. Perhaps there is fear that another person can't provide care to the same standard as you.

There is a lot of value in using a professional respite service. Not only does it give you a chance to continue to do other important things (such as appointments, social connectedness, and some down time), but means your loved one is in good hands. Remember, professional carers do this every day. They are the experts at what they do and, in many cases, have undertaken special training to perform specific tasks, and often have many years of experience. Additionally, when you have the freedom to choose the individual care or support worker providing you with respite, you and your loved one are more likely to form a lasting and meaningful relationship with that person. This makes it easier and more comfortable for you both when you need that little bit of help.

Many different respite options are available, but for those choosing in-home respite, Home Carers Direct gives primary carers access to affordable and flexible respite. Affordable because an independent care or support worker's rates are competitive, and flexible because the respite can be one-off, infrequent, or regular. Learn more about the options available, and get in touch with a home carer working in your area today.

Do you work as a carer?