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Making a Booking for a Client, and Changing Your Rates for a Particular Booking

From time to time, when dealing with a care seeker or a care recipient, you may came across a situation that is out of the ordinary. To make things simple for you, we've included two additional features that you may find useful.

They are
• The ability to create a booking for a care seeker and send it to them, and
• The ability to change the rate you charge for a particular booking.

Making a Booking for a Client

If you have previously received a message from a client, you will have the ability to create a booking on their behalf. The booking will then be sent to the client to accept, and to fill in additional details such as the name of the person receiving care, the address of the booking, and selecting their payment method. The booking is then sent back to you for you to review and accept.

There are many instances where it may be easier or more convenient for you to create the booking for your client (including if you want to override your default availability and offer a booking outside your default working hours), but it is important to note that this can only be done for care seekers who have reached out to you via the internal Home Carers Direct messaging system. In other words, you will not be able to create bookings and offer them to strangers.

Changing Your Rates for a Particular Booking

Another useful feature is the ability to adjust the rate you charge for a particular booking on a "once off" basis, without it affecting your advertised rate, or rates locked in on earlier bookings. (If you wish to update your rate permanently, you can learn more about doing so here.)

Examples of instances where you may want to adjust your rate as a "once off" could be charging less for a passive overnight shift, or perhaps charging more if the booking is for one hour only.


  1. The client needs to have sent you a message using our internal messaging system. If they haven't registered, talk them through registering a FREE account, help them find your profile, and then have them send you an initial message via the "Ask a Question" button.
  2. Log into your account and retrieve the client's message. It will be the envelope next to your name in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. In the conversation screen with the new client, you will see a "Make Booking" button. Clicking this will bring up fields for you to enter details such as date, start and end times, as well as the ability to enter an adjusted hourly rate.
  4. Once the booking has been created, it is sent to the client to review and provide additional details. You will receive confirmation when the client accepts the booking and will then have the opportunity to review the details they have added, before accepting the booking.
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