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Benefits of Bringing Your Own Carer or Support Worker to Home Carers Direct

There is nothing more reassuring than a familiar face. You might have seen the Home Carers Direct platform with its many benefits and innovations, but been worried about leaving your existing carer behind when making the change. Well, the good news is that you are able to bring your existing carer or support worker along with you when you choose Home Carers Direct.

Although your favourite carer is already known and trusted by you, if they choose, they will now be available to many others using the platform in your area, providing them with additional work opportunities. They will still go through the same background and qualification checks that all other carers using Home Carers Direct do, adding to your peace of mind. We will do our best to make sure this process is easy, and as quick as possible.


Organising one's own insurance can be complicated, time consuming and expensive. So, once onboard the HCD platform, workers are automatically covered by insurance for bookings arranged and paid for on the platform. Home Carers Direct has arranged public and products liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and personal accident insurance, on behalf of workers using the platform.

Automated Invoicing

An annoying and time-consuming task for any small business owner or sole-trader is invoicing. Added paperwork and chasing up payments after-hours can be a nightmare for your care or support worker. By bringing them along to Home Carers Direct, you are making their lives easier through the use of our automatic invoicing and payment system. Rest assured knowing that your favourite carer can spend more time relaxing in their spare time.

User Friendly Booking System

No more paper diaries or forgotten appointments. We've specially built our online booking system from the ground up to make sure it is both simple and user friendly. Online bookings can be initiated by either you or your care or support worker, and digital reminders are sent to both parties to remind you ahead of time (allowing you to change the booking if something suddenly comes up).

Government Funding

Depending on your circumstances, or if you are self-managing your home care package or NDIS funding, you can get more out of your budget by engaging workers (such as your current carer) directly.

Expand Your Team

Once you have moved across to our platform, you gain immediate access to a wider network of carers and support workers. You might have spent years nurturing the strong relationship with your existing carer, and now you have the opportunity to add value to that relationship and possibly form other long-lasting and meaningful relationships. This is one of the many benefits of coming together by mutual choice, as clients and workers do when using Home Carers Direct. Occasionally your carer may be unavailable when you need them, or you may require a service that your current care or support worker is unqualified to provide - in this case an alternative carer in your area can step in to fill the void, and your current carer can even help you in narrowing down your decision.


Share in these new benefits and innovations available with your favourite care or support worker by opting to use the Home Carers Direct Platform. Take control of your home care today at

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