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Care Providers - Your Guide to Marketing Yourself

There are many benefits to registering yourself as a Care Provider on the Home Carers Direct platform. By simply creating a profile with us, and providing the necessary documents for the care you are willing to provide, we do the rest for you. Firstly, we provide comprehensive insurance that covers you for any bookings made on the Home Carers Direct platform. We also actively advertise our platform across various mediums including Social Media, Printed Brochures and Pamphlets, Newspapers and even Radio Advertising.

To help you stand out, we've also put together a list of tips and tricks to help you get noticed by Care Seekers in your area, and get more people contacting you directly to make bookings.

Make Your Profile Awesome

Start with a friendly photo. A photo of you smiling, shot somewhere with bright and natural lighting, with nothing obscuring your face like sunglasses or a large hat, will help people warm to you. Secondly, add a great biography about yourself that tells people about your experience and interests. A great tip is to proof read this to make sure you've fixed any grammar or spelling mistakes (perhaps even asking a friend or family member to check with a fresh set of eyes). Lastly, make sure your qualifications are all up to date, as well as areas you can service, your availability and any languages you can speak. We have some additional tips for making your profile stand out here.

Get Talking

Once you have a great profile ready to go, talk to people in all aspects of your life (friends, family, other work, community groups, clubs, etc) about what you do, that you work for yourself and ask them if they or anyone they know needs home care. If they don't know anyone, ask them to help you spread the word.

Get On Social Media

You can also share your profile on Social Media for friends and family to see. They in turn can share your profile, increasing awareness and potential bookings. Remember: by directing any bookings and enquiries through the Home Carers Direct platform, you get the benefit of our comprehensive insurance as well as our Requested content not found..

If you'd like to be featured in one of our Carer Highlight posts on Social Media, send us an email to register your interest!

Hand Out Business Cards

Invest in some professionally made business cards or information brochures to make a strong impression and really get people talking. These can include the details from your profile such as services offered, qualifications, service areas and availability. You can also copy and include the link to your profile so that people can find you more quickly. There are many affordable online services such as VistaPrint or Officeworks who can help you create business stationery with a professional finish and deliver straight to your door.

(Please note: for legal reasons you are unable to include Home Carers Direct's logo or name on your business card or information brochure)

Reach Out to the Local Community

Did you know that local organisations and businesses can also use the Home Carers Direct platform to book care appointments? By visiting local organisations such as Health Professionals (e.g. Physiotherapists), Retirement Villages, Carer Respite Centres, etc., you can help spread the word about the fantastic services you can provide, and Requested content not found..


The thing that makes the Home Carers Direct platform great is you, our amazing Care Providers — so get people talking about the great service your provide, and the safe and secure platform we've created to help you be seen and booked!

Do you work as a carer?