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Find Your Perfect Carer Using Our 'Advanced Search' Feature

With all the qualified in home care providers available in your area, it may seem overwhelming deciding which carer is best for you. To make finding a care provider that perfectly suits your needs and requirements easier, we've built in some advanced search features into our "Find A Carer" tool that can help you narrow down exactly what it is you're looking for.

Search by Suburb or Postcode

When you first begin your search, we'll ask you for your postcode or suburb to find carers in your area. This will bring up an unfiltered list of all the carers available and ready to provide care in your area. Depending on your specific needs, you may find the perfect carer right away. Many care seekers have different requirements that can't be met by every one of our carers, so lets begin to narrow down our search a little and filter for those needs.

Assistance with Medication

Depending on the assistance you may require with managing or taking your medications, this could affect which care providers are able to assist you. You can filter carers based on three levels of care: "I don't need any help with my medication", "I need assistance with medication" and "I need help managing my medication".

Languages Spoken

Did you know that many of our carers are bilingual? If you would feel more comfortable speaking with a carer in a language other than English, you can filter for carers who speak your desired language. We are constantly bringing new care providers onto the Home Carers Direct team, so if your desired language isn't available today, keep checking back!

Particular Qualifications

We have a rigorous background check process that all of our care providers must adhere to. This check involves verifying qualifications such as Working with Children, Manual Handling, Certificate III and IV, Drivers Licences and more. If you have special requirements, or would prefer a carer who has a specific qualification, you can filter results based on this criteria.

Professional Experience

Many of the carers using our platform have been in the industry for several years and have had the opportunity to specialise and hone their skills in caring for a variety of clients. Experiences covered include Vision and Hearing Impairment, as well as range of disabilities, diseases and disorders.

Personal Preference

We are all about making you feel as comfortable as possible while our carers provide their services, so you also have the ability to search based on preferences such as the gender of your carer, whether they are pet friendly, or even if they are a smoker.

Category of Care Offered

Finally, to make it easy for you to select the correct level of care, we've broken down the services offered into 3 simple categories. Choose from each category the tasks you are likely to require your care provider to perform, and we can ensure a perfect match.

Domestic and Social Care - Basic assistance around the home like cleaning and maintenance, companionship, and getting you around to the places you would like or need to be.

Personal Care - More personal assistance with exercise, showering, grooming, and even assistance with eating or taking your medication.

Nursing Care - Specialised services offered here include acute care as well as management of medication.

Once you have crafted the perfect custom search, you can save those parameters as a "favourite search". This will allow you to come back time after time to see which new care providers perfectly match your criteria.

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