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Important Fire and Extreme Heat Safety Tips

With the hottest part of summer still ahead of us, we thought it was an appropriate time to share some useful resources about fire safety and extreme heat. Not only do these resources contain practical tips, but they have also been made available in a variety of languages, making them perfect to pass along to those members of our communities whose primary language is not English.

Fire Danger Ratings and Safety Information

Information such as how to stay informed on fire risk days, why you should leave early, what to gather ahead of fire season, understanding what to expect during a bushfire, and how to stay informed of fires across your area.

Find Fire Danger Ratings and Safety Information Multilingual Resources

Tips to Survive the Heat

Heat can worsen the condition of someone who already has a medical issue. Know the effects of extreme heat, who is at risk, and how you can prepare yourself and others.

Find Survive the Heat Multilingual Resources

Fire Safety for Older People and People with Disability

Older people and people living with disability are at higher risk of being injured or not surviving a fire in their home. This resource encourages consideration of early warning, how to respond to a fire, and other helpful advice to help reduce risk.

Find Fire Safety for Older People and People with Disability Multilingual Resources

Additional Resources

The Victorian Government has put together a great a list of additional translated resources covering topics such as returning home after a fire, dealing with power outages, or even how to talk to children about a crisis.

Find Additional Multilingual Resources

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