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Give the Gift of Care this Christmas

As the weather begins to warm, and as we head into the Christmas season, it's a wonderful time to spend with our loved ones - family and friends. Despite our best efforts though, sometimes we are just geographically unable to be with the ones we love. The last thing we want is for people who are truly at the top of our minds to be alone during the holiday period.

An alternative is to book a carer through the Home Carers Direct platform to provide companionship while you can't be there. A carer can also help with tasks like food preparation for healthy and nutritious Christmas meals, help with Christmas shopping, or even assist with travel arrangements.

Services Available

Domestic and Social Care

These are quality of life services that allow your loved one to get on with their day. Living with a disability, illness or injury can get in the way of performing simple everyday tasks. Having a carer stopping by to assist with basic activities can make such a different to a persons wellbeing, and is a great preventative measure to disabilities, illnesses or injuries becoming worse.

Some examples of Domestic and Social Care services are; companionship, home and garden maintenance, home cleaning and laundry, meal planning and preparation, shopping and transport, and even administration tasks such as paying bills, sending emails, making phone calls and more. Learn more about these services here.

Personal Care

This is a more personal level of assistance you can book for your loved one. Care providers will be able to assist with challenging but crucial movements like exercise, toileting, showering and grooming, or even with eating meals or taking medications.

Nursing Care

Finally you are able to book a range of in-home clinical care services performed by highly trained carers. These services include catheter care, medication management, wound care, and other acute care requirements.

Using the Home Carers Direct Platform is So Easy

Search for the Perfect Carer

Using our advanced search tool, you are immediately matched with carers in your area who match your specific requirements. From there you can contact carers directly to built a rapport, and hand pick the carer who is going to be perfect for your loved one. All carers using the Home Carers Direct platform have had rigorous on-boarding checks and had all of their qualifications verified to ensure they are up to date, and are able to provide all the services listed on their profiles. If their profile doesn't list a specific service you require - don't be afraid to ask!

Book and Secure your Care Provider

All care providers have their availabilities listed on their profiles, but it is best to get in early to make sure your preferred carer isn't double booked. Now is when you leave detailed instructions for the carer with information such as how to access the property, if there are any pets to be mindful of, or even some of your loved ones favourite hobbies or interests.

Secure Payment and Review

Home Carers Direct have established a state of the art online payment system which handles all transactions, and using this secure system is the only way our carers can accept payments. You are also encouraged to rate and provide feedback about your care experience. Reviewing your carer ensures other care seekers can preference and prioritise carers who are doing a fantastic job, and lets us know about carers who are not meeting expectations.


Giving the gift of care this Christmas is a thoughtful way you can make sure the needs of the ones you love are being taken care of when you are personally unable to do so. Using the Home Carers Direct platform is not only simple and effective, it is also extremely affordable. Get started by entering your postcode or suburb, and see which carers are ready to go in your area.

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