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How Home Carers Direct Promotes Fairness to Both Carers and Clients

Home Carers Direct is an online platform designed to connect people seeking home care directly with home carers in their area. This service benefits those who otherwise may not be able to find one another, and provides a great support and security blanket to both parties.

For our consumers, we provide reassurance that when they perform a search for local carers, all matches have been vetted, are suitably qualified, and carry comprehensive industry leading insurance. We also go the extra mile and allow our consumers to select from those results based on preferences such as availability, hourly rate, languages spoken, performance rating, qualifications, and even shared interests.

Our carers, who are self-employed, often lack the resources for services like recovering unpaid fees - so we've taken out the hard work. We have developed a secure online payment system that benefits both parties. Carers need certainty that they will be paid. Likewise, clients may be reluctant to pay for services before they are delivered.

We believe Home Carers Direct is the first and only home care platform in Australia to seamlessly integrate an escrow service to provide fairness to both parties. To protect carers, Home Carers Direct requires payment in advance. To protect consumers, funds are held in escrow by an independent party until 3 days after services are provided. This time allows both parties to adjust the booking (e.g. the booking ran longer or shorter than what was initially charged), or raise a dispute, before their funds are disbursed to the carer and Home Carers Direct. Any amount owing to the consumer is refunded promptly and without hassle.

Home Carers Direct recognises the importance of making the platform financially secure for both consumers and carers. By balancing the interests of both, Home Carers Direct offers a more attractive proposition for workers, thereby attracting more committed and higher quality carers.

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