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How to Make Sure You Get Every Message from Care Seekers

When browsing for a Care Provider who meets their needs, Care Seekers may find multiple Carers on the Home Carers Direct platform who meet their criteria. You may be perfectly suited to each other, but if you're not receiving or replying to their messages in a timely manner, they may decide to go with their second or third best choice. To make sure you don't miss out on making golden connections with Care Seekers looking to book you for appointments, we've put together a fool proof way to make sure you not only get every message, but can reply in time while Care Seekers are still looking to book you.

Check Your Emails Regularly

The main way you will be notified of messages from Care Seekers is via your email account. Make sure you check your emails regularly and respond to any booking requests or enquiries as soon as you can. The longer messages are left unanswered, the more likely it is that a Care Seeker might perform a new search and contact their next preferred care provider.

Add Home Carers Direct to safe senders list

If you find that not all emails from us are coming through, take a quick moment to check your junk or spam folders. Auto-generated emails such as those sent from the Home Carers Direct system can often end up here. To be safe, the best thing to do is to add Home Carers Direct to your "safe senders" list. (In Hotmail, this can be done under the 'options' tab, then 'safe senders'. In Gmail, simply create Home Carers Direct as a new contact.)

Enable SMS Notifications

If you find it difficult to frequently check your email inbox for new notifications from Care Seekers, you can opt to receive SMS notifications from the Home Carers Direct platform instead. This way, alerts are easily pushed to your smartphone's home screen allowing you quickly log in to your account and reply to messages from Care Seekers. To enable this feature, simply log in to your Home Carers Direct account, go to Settings, scroll down to Notifications, then under Contact Types, switch SMS on.

Your Availability

Finally, make sure your availability is always kept up to date, including any holidays or personal appointments you have booked. Imagine having to decline an appointment with the perfect client because your availabilities hadn't been updated. Likewise, if your circumstances change and your availability improves, update it in the system to increase your ability to make connections with Care Seekers.

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