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Opportunities for Members of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities

Home Carers Direct offers an opportunity for members of culturally and linguistically diverse communities to come together with others who share their background and interact in a way that adds value and makes a positive difference to each other's lives.

Home Carers Direct is an online platform connecting people seeking home care or disability support directly with vetted, suitably qualified, and insured, care and support workers in their community.

The platform gives clients the freedom to choose their care or support worker based on personal preferences such as cultural and linguistic background. And it gives workers the freedom to choose where and when they work, who they work with, their hourly rates and, subject to their qualifications, the services they provide.

The result is that clients and workers come together by mutual choice. And it is this mutual choice that promotes the development of meaningful and potentially lasting relationships and can contribute to social engagement and support among people of the same cultural background. And we can all appreciate the benefits of culturally appropriate care, of being cared for or supported by a person who shares our culture and speaks our language, and of doing things on our own terms.

If you are interested in working this field, and your English is good, you can start with domestic and social care services which includes companionship (at home or outings), and personal assistance. If you would like to expand the services you are permitted to provide, and perhaps focus on either aged care or disability support, you may wish to consider completing an acceptable Certificate III or IV such as Certificate III in Individual Support.

By using Home Carers Direct you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Choose where and when you work, who you work with, your hourly rates and, subject to your qualifications, the services you provide;
  • Your own profile, visible to care seekers when they search for carers in your area;
  • Insurance for all the work you provide through the platform;
  • Invoicing all taken care of;
  • Communicate directly with your clients and gain a better understanding of whether you are the right fit for their care or support needs;
  • Manage your work as a care or support worker in one simple place.

If you're interested in becoming an independent care or support worker at Home Carers Direct, you can register for FREE at or call us on 1300 962 522 to learn more.

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