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How to Create and Save Payment Summaries and Activity Statements

With the end of financial year and tax return season right around the corner, there's no better time than now to introduce our new Reports feature. On the Home Carers Direct platform, you can now easily produce and download a financial report for a given date range in either PDF or Excel formats.

Reports for Care Seekers

Care Seekers have 2 choices of reports they can create and download.

Payment Summaries

This report shows you a list of payments made to Care Providers. Because funds are securely held in escrow until 3 days after the care has been provided, these dates may not correspond to actual booking dates, instead they may show an earlier date when you actually provided the payment for the booking.

Activity Statements

This statement shows you the final data relating to bookings. Only bookings that have been completed (care has been delivered, 3 days have passed and money has been disbursed) are included in this report. This report also includes fees paid and any GST breakdowns. These GST breakdowns will be particularly important for those Care Seekers who are organisations.

Reports for Care Providers

Activity Statements

Being self-employed, you will not receive a payment summary (group certificate) from Home Carers Direct. You will however be able to generate an activity statement for the financial year. This activity statement shows you all completed bookings (care has been delivered, 3 days have passed and money has been disbursed) and will therefore show money earned and any GST breakdowns. This report will also show any fees paid to Home Carers Direct by you in that financial year.

You can find the Reports feature by logging into your Home Carers Direct account and clicking on 'Reports' in the menu. Here you can use the filters (e.g. date range, care provider, care seeker, care recipient) to create the report you want. You can then view the report and download it as Excel or PDF. Simple as that!

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