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The Benefits of a Pre-Paid Cashless Platform

In the interests of fairness to both the carers and support workers who use the Home Carers Direct Platform, as well the customers who use and organise care for others, we have integrated a state of the art payment system that is safer, more transparent, and more convenient than traditional methods.

How does it work?

The Home Carers Direct system has been designed so that a pre-payment is taken prior to the arrival of your carer or support worker, and is held securely in escrow by an independent party. Payments are not released to the care or support worker until 3 days after the care service has been provided. This allows for any adjustments to be made smoothly, as the system allows changes to be made within 3 days of the service being provided. If the carer spends less or more time than originally booked for, within this 3 day period you are able to log in to your Home Carers Direct account and make an adjustment to the amount of time to be paid for.

Pre-payments also help us to keep our fees low by reducing the costs associated with following up outstanding payments.

What are the benefits of a pre-paid cashless system?

Using Home Carers Direct, you can easily make a payment prior to your booking using several methods. These include bank transfer, BPAY, credit or debit card, or payment from the digital wallet available to you within your account (funded via direct debit).

These multiple online payment methods offer convenience and mean that you are able to arrange and manage care for loved one even when you can't be there in person. Alternatively it means that you aren't scrambling prior to your appointment to bring together and collect the correct amount of cash in time. Not handling cash is also safer for both the carer and the client and is more transparent.

Carers who use the Home Carers Direct platform also receive the benefit of market-leading comprehensive insurance. In fact, all bookings made and paid for using our platform are automatically covered. If a home carer or care seeker offers to arrange or pay for home care services outside the Home Carers Direct platform, you should decline the offer and report them to Home Carers Direct. In this case, the insurance would not apply.

Who holds the payment while in escrow?

Home Carers Direct have teamed up with Assembly Payments, an industry-leading payment provider, to securely hold funds from the time of payment until 3 days after the care has been provided, when it is forwarded to your carer or support worker. Using a completely neutral and unbiased third-party assists with dispute resolution, as well as taking advantage of their state of the art security features.

Your visit to the Home Carers Direct website is protected by an industry-standard SSL certificate. In addition, we never store, display or have any complete access to any of your financial data. Instead these details are sent through to Assembly Payments for secure off-site storage. We receive limited details regarding your account so that we can update the list of accounts you are using on the site, however this information is masked. Assembly Payments also provides us with a unique token for your account which we store and use to send and receive payments. This token is valid only for our platform and can't be used on any other website.


Convenience and security come together when you book using the Home Carers Direct Platform, and take advantage of our cashless, pre-paid care system. For more information, or to get started, visit Home Carers Direct today.

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