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The Responsive and Reliable Carer: From a Client's Perspective

Being able to provide care or support to someone who through age, disability, illness or injury needs this help is a wonderful privilege - and one not to be taken lightly. It is therefore of the upmost important to treat that person with dignity and respect in every aspect of your dealing with them to ensure they are able to use the Home Carers Direct platform with dependability and confidence. We've put together some ways for you to help your clients have a better experience when engaging your services.

Always Respond to Messages

One of the unique benefits of using Home Carers Direct is that clients can contact you directly. When a client contacts you, it is important to respond to their query as soon as possible. Even if you are unavailable at the desired time or date, or they are asking about services you are unable to provide, a simple "thank you" and a follow-up apology can go a long way. It is never okay to simply not respond to a care enquiry. By replying, you may even discover there are services you CAN help them with, at a time that is mutually beneficial, turning it into a win for everyone. Leaving a message or booking request unanswered for too long can have a client wondering for an extended period if they even have a booking at all, and might lead them to approach another carer, or worse, decide not to contact you again in the future.

Treat Your Bookings Like Gold

Clients using Home Carers Direct love that they can speak directly with their chosen carers and easily make bookings online - and with that comes the flexibility to allow for last minute emergencies. While you are building your reputation with a client, it is extremely important not to make too many last minute adjustments to bookings. For clients, it comes across as you not valuing their wellbeing, and can unfairly create feelings of mistrust and damage your reputation with the client beyond repair. Similarly, if you are not responding to client requests in a timely fashion, it can seem to your clients that they are not important to you. We know that this is simply not the case, and by treating each new enquiry and booking like gold, it will help create and reinforce bonds, creating repeat work opportunities.

Stay Up to Date

Your carer profile is the perfect place to add all the details you can to increase your chance of creating a match with a client in need - but how up to date are your details? Making sure your availabilities are up to date can save you time responding to unnecessary messages, and can ensure that you aren't wasting potential clients' time. If you think your availability for a certain time might be a "maybe", it's best to err on the side of caution and set yourself as unavailable. You can set yourself back to available at any time, and last minute bookings can still be made if you're closely monitoring your messages. It is therefore important to ensure that you have SMS notifications turned on so that you are almost immediately aware that you have new messages or booking requests awaiting your response.

When we treat potential and returning clients with dignity and respect, we boost their confidence and trust in our ability to provide quality care. Clients often return to a previously booked carer because their responsiveness and reliability created a positive and memorable experience for them.

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