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Tips for Your First Booking with a New Care Seeker

Every care scenario is different, and even after several years in the industry you're still bound to come across a unique situation or circumstance that will keep you on your toes. We've put together a great checklist of tips and tricks to make your first booking with a new Care Seeker a rewarding and memorable one.

When you first receive a request for a booking, we suggest reaching out to the Care Seeker and just begin some friendly dialogue. You can do this through the Home Carers Direct internal messaging system or by phone. Get to know them, and make sure you're comfortable accepting the booking.

Make sure you find out what level of care or specific tasks you will be expected to perform while providing care services. In some cases, care needs require certain qualifications or physical ability on your part. Make sure that you are not only covered by the correct qualifications, but that you are comfortable and able to provide these services. Be sure to bring proof of the necessary qualifications, including your police check, with you to your booking as Care Seekers may want to view them in person, and are well within their right to.

Make your first impression count. Care Seekers are able to rate you based on your communication, punctuality, and satisfaction of care. Give them reasons to give you a high rating to ensure more bookings in the future. Ensure you are well presented and that you allow plenty of travel time so that you arrive on time for your booking. Similarly, do not overstay the booking. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee payment for this time if the Care Seeker refuses to pay. If more time is required to complete the set tasks, ask the Care Seeker to extend the booking using the Home Carers Direct account, or to schedule another booking in the near future.

Stepping in to a new home for the first time can seem a little intimidating, but being prepared can be your best friend. Ask lots of questions before you arrive at the property, and seek out important details about accessing the home. Things to consider might be whether or not you require an access code, do you need to enter via a side gate, or are there any pets to be mindful of on the property. All of these notes can be stored on the booking page for easy future reference.

Finally, it is important that you have a safe working environment while in the Care Seeker's home. Do as much you can to ensure that the equipment you require, and the home, is as safe as possible for both you and the Care Seeker.

Do you have your own tips or tricks we haven't already mentioned? Get in touch with us and share your pro-tips so we can pass them on to our other fantastic Care Providers using the Home Carers Direct platform.

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