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The Wealth of Choice for Those of Us Who Are Time-Poor

In today's fast-paced world we often find ourselves with more commitments than time to fit them all into one day. From demanding jobs and long working hours, to personal appointments, and our children with their own activities. Many of us are also responsible for family members who are ageing and, sadly, we often find ourselves with limited time available. While we all appreciate the value and benefits of daily visits, our commitments, and sometimes also geographic distance, may mean that this is not possible.

Face to Face Conversations in a Different Way

Video calling has become popular as it allows us to easily and frequently have face to face contact with our loved ones, and allows us to 'visit' when we can't visit. Face to face contact can promote emotional wellbeing and allows people who may be ageing or living with a disability or illness to maintain relationships, and gives them conversations to look forward to. There are products like the Konnekt Videophone which have been specially designed for the elderly and those with a disability or hearing loss. The videophone can be set up to dial with one touch, and for those who are bed or chair bound, can even be set up to automatically answer calls.

While video calling can go a long way to helping us manage our contributions and responsibilities, and to reducing social isolation and loneliness, we all want to ensure that our loved ones are receiving the quality care they deserve and that they are enjoying daily contact with others and, where appropriate, regular outings.

Providing Care When You Can't Be There

When you can't be there in person to be the primary care giver for a loved one, a great fall-back option is to arrange a hand-picked carer to provide the care on your behalf. Home Carers Direct offers this great solution for those of us who are time poor, and the platform allows us to take an active role in the care of our loved ones directly through our mobile devices and, importantly, outside of the traditional business hours. The service is affordable (hourly costs are competitive) and flexible (care can be booked as often or as infrequently as needed) and can be used for a range of services from domestic and social care, to personal care, to nursing care. We can find one or more carers who can visit and spend time with, and care for or support, our loved one on those days when we can't.

Home Carers Direct connects those seeking home care (either for themselves or for others) with vetted, suitably qualified, and insured, care and support workers in their local community. The service allows you to:

    • Find suitable care or support workers based on their qualifications, experience, spoken languages, availability and hourly rates
    • Choose and trial care or support workers and handpick your team
    • Send messages 24/7 to carers via the chat-style messaging system
    • share care plans with your carer
    • make and manage bookings including payments, changes, cancellations and refunds

    When combined, Home Carers Direct and a Konnekt Videophone can allow even the busiest or farthest of us to be actively involved in our loved one's care and wellbeing.

    "As a family caregiver, you can't be there 24x7. You worry about health and loneliness. The Konnekt Videophone reduces depression risk and lets you check-in visually when they can't or don't answer, while Home Care Direct enables you to arrange high-quality care, even when you can't be there." John N, Konnekt

    Visit Home Carers Direct to take control of your home care, or visit Konnekt to arrange a 30-day trial.

    Do you work as a carer?