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What is in-home care?

Home care is a service rendered by a professional carer from within your own home, or another preferred private residence. Being cared for in your own home allows you to retain a certain independence that is not always available elsewhere. There are many levels of care available, ranging from basic assistance with odd jobs around the home, to personal care helping you maintain personal hygiene, to nursing. A home carer will travel to you, and is based in your area, meaning all of these benefits can be received from a place of comfort and convenience.

Additionally, care is not limited to the home. A carer can also accompany you on errands, provide companionship while you enjoy your hobbies, and even provide transport to and from your residence.

Who is home care for?

An easy assumption to make is that in home care is just for the elderly. It is true that as we age, we may find many benefits to having a carer come to visit, especially if our health begins to decline. Other people who may benefit from have a home carer include:

• both adults and children
• people living with a disability or illness
• people recovering from a serious injury
• someone in the late stages of pregnancy
• people who are time poor and just require some extra assistance
• someone requiring companionship

It is easy to see that people in various stages of life could benefit from the help of a home carer.

How often will a carer visit?

This part is really up to you. Using the Home Carers Direct platform, you can arrange regular bookings so that your preferred carer will come to visit you at the same time and day each week, or you have the flexibility to book care appointments once-off. From time to time you may wish to increase or reduce the level of care you are receiving, so you are never locked into a particular routine. You even have the freedom to try several different carers until you find the best one for you. We find this flexibility allows you to really take control of your home care and make empowered decisions.

How much does home care cost?

The great thing about the Home Carers Direct is that all of the carers who use our platform set their own rates. The cost of care can vary depending on the level of care you will be receiving and which qualifications are required. Time and day of the week can also affect these rates. We recently conducted a survey of carers using our platform in Melbourne, Hobart and Perth and below is a table containing the average hourly cost for the different types of care available.

Melbourne Hobart Perth
Domestic & Social Care $30/hr $28/hr
Personal Care $29/hr $29/hr $27/hr
Nursing Care $41/hr

*as at 9/5/19 for weekday daytime, and includes the 5% care seeker hosting fee.

As well as connecting you directly with carers using our platform, we also have a secure payment system that fulfils payment to the carer 3 days after the care has been delivered. If you had any issues with the care provided that day, this creates a window for you to raise those issues directly with us so we can investigate before your carer is paid.

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With no obligation, you can create a free account and discover carers available in your area using the search feature. Each carer has created a public profile that lists their skills and offered services, and you can contact them directly to get the conversation started prior to their first visit.

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