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What it takes to work as a home carer using Home Carers Direct

People often wonder what is required to enter the care industry. It is one of the most selfless careers a person can have, but sometimes finding the right information to get started can be difficult. If you are thinking of registering as a care provider at Home Carers Direct, there are 3 distinct levels of care you'll be able to provide based on the various qualifications, certifications and experiences you have.


Domestic and Social Care Services

As a carer who will be solely providing Domestic and Social Care services (such as companionship, home and garden maintenance, home cleaning, laundry, etc) you'll be able to do this without any formal qualifications. There are a small number of exceptions, such as providing meal planning and preparation, or providing transport. For these services you will require a Safe Food Handling certificate, or a valid drivers licence, respectively.

Personal Care Services

With a small number of exceptions, you'll be able to offer Personal Care services (such as assistance with eating, showering, grooming, toileting, etc) with any of the following qualifications;

  • 1 year relevant work experience in aged care or disability support
  • a Certificate III or IV in Individual Support, Aged Care, Disabilities, Home and Community Care, or equivalent
  • a Degree in Health Science or Allied Health
  • completing or completed a Degree in Nursing (2nd year or higher)*
  • an Assistant in Nursing qualification
  • an Enrolled Nurse or Registered Nurse with less than 1 year experience*

However, to do any of the following, you will need to have completed additional relevant training - manual handling/hoist and transfer, PEG tube feeding, or assisting clients with medication*.

(*For assistance with medication, you must be an Enrolled or Registered Nurse, or have a completed Nursing Degree)

Nursing Care Services

With 1 year of relevant experience as a Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse, you'll be able to provide a range of clinical care services in the home such as catheter care, medication management, wound care and more.

Additionally, as an Enrolled Nurse with a board approved qualification in the administration of medicines, you'll also be able to provide medication management as a service.


Providing in-home care for those in need, whether because of age or disability, is a rewarding and fulfilling career. You could begin by offering Domestic and Social Care services immediately and later, after completing your studies, expand by offering additional services.

For more information about registering as a Care Provider, including information about the things you will need to do before your details can be verified, and your profile can be approved and made visible to the public, click here.

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