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Make the Most of Your First Booking With a Care Provider

Congratulations on making the first step, and welcome to the Home Carers Direct platform. We can't wait to connect you directly with qualified Care Providers in your area, so we've put together this tutorial to help make your first booking a breeze.

Once you have selected your preferred carer by using the search tool (learn more about the features of our Advanced Search feature), contact the Care Provider using the built-in Home Carers Direct internal messaging system. This is a great opportunity to get to know the Care Provider who will be looking after you or your loved one, and a good chance to make sure you'll be comfortable inviting them into your home.

Our Care Providers list on their profile all the services they are willing to provide, however, it is a good idea to confirm with them what your expectations will be ahead of time. It can give them time to prepare for these tasks, and time to make any prior arrangements that may be necessary. If there is a particular care service you require that isn't listed on their profile, don't be afraid to ask.

We do a background check on all carers and request a copy of all their qualifications to keep for our records, however, you are welcome and encouraged to ask carers to bring originals with them to your first booking. Contact your Care Provider ahead of time to let them know which specific qualifications you'd like to see in person, and this will allow them enough time to organise these records to bring with them.

Before your booking begins, and your Care Provider arrives, take a moment to leave some detailed notes on the booking page. This might be useful information for accessing your property (such as any side gates or access codes that may be required, or any pets on the premises to be mindful of), or special information about the Care Recipient and specific instructions for the care to be provided. Also, ensure that emergency contact details are correct and up to date.

Finally, as a duty of care to the Care Provider who will be visiting your home, ensure they have a clean and safe area to work in. This includes making sure that any equipment they will be required to use is in safe working order.

We hope you enjoy using the Home Carers Direct platform, and encourage you to review your Care Provider's performance after the booking has ended. This carer rating system encourages accountability and best performance not only for you but also for other care seekers using Home Carers Direct.

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