Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Home Carers Direct?

    Home Carers Direct is an online marketplace for home care services, where people seeking home care can connect with, and engage, local home care providers directly. Learn more about us.

  2. How is Home Carers Direct different to an agency?

    Home Carers Direct care providers are independent workers running their own businesses. They choose where and when they want to work, who they want to work with and, depending on their qualifications, the services they provide. Importantly, they also set their own hourly rates.

    Care seekers engage care providers directly, meaning there is no middle party. As a result, care seekers may pay less, and care providers may earn more, than with a traditional care agency or provider.

    Care seekers can also rate and leave feedback about their experiences. A care provider's ratings can be seen on their profile.

  3. What types of home care services can be found on Home Carers Direct?

    The services offered fall into three categories:

    • Domestic and Social Care
      • Companionship (at home, activities, outings)
      • Home and garden maintenance
      • Home Cleaning
      • Laundry
      • Meal planning and preparation
      • Monitor diet and hygiene
      • Personal assistance (e.g. paying bills)
      • Shopping
      • Transport
      • Transport (specially outfitted for wheelchair)
    • Personal Care
      • Assist clients with medication
      • Assist with continence management
      • Assistance with eating
      • Assistance with ventilator
      • Care coordination
      • Dementia care (Personal care)
      • Exercise / rehabilitation / therapy
      • Grooming / dressing
      • Manual handling / Hoist and transfer
      • Palliative care (Personal care)
      • PEG tube feeding
      • Showering / bathing
      • Toileting
    • Nursing Care
      • Acute care
      • Case assessment and management
      • Catheter care
      • Continence assessment / management
      • Convalescent care
      • Dementia care (Nursing care)
      • Medication management
      • Observation and continuous monitoring
      • Palliative care (Nursing care)
      • Respiratory care
      • Wound care
  4. Is Home Carers Direct safe?

    Your safety is of paramount importance. We have rigorous processes and high-level system intelligence in place to help promote your safety. Read more by selecting the option below that applies to you:

    Read about how Home Carers Direct promotes the safety of care seekers

    Read about how Home Carers Direct promotes the safety of care providers.

  5. Do I need to pay a fee to Home Carers Direct?

    Home Carers Direct charges a fee in exchange for the hosting and administration functions we provide. Fees payable depend on whether you are a care seeker or a care provider.

    For care seekers, this fee is equal to 5% of the fee charged by the care provider. This 5% is payable in addition to the care provider's fee.

    For care providers, this fee is equal to 10% of the fee that the care seeker has paid you.

    Transaction fees may be charged by Assembly Payments (our chosen payment gateway). We may pass on a portion of those fees to care seekers. If so, this will be disclosed before you pay.

    Find out more about fees, as well as how fees are calculated.

  6. How can I pay for home care services?

    You can pay by bank transfer, BPAY, direct debit, credit card or with funds held in a digital wallet.

    All bookings must be paid for upfront with funds held in escrow by Assembly Payments until after the care is delivered.

    Some payment methods incur transaction fees - find out more.

  7. Why is payment required to confirm a booking?

    Pre-payment helps us to keep our fees low by reducing the costs associated with following up outstanding payments. It also allows care providers to set aside booking times with confidence.

    Pre-payment is also more secure for both care seekers and care providers, because the funds are held by an independent third party (Assembly Payments - Escrow) and are not released until after the care service has been provided. It also means any adjustments can be made smoothly, because the system allows adjustments to be made within 3 days of the service being provided.

    Find out more about fees, and how they are applied to a booking.

  8. Once payment is made, where is it held and when is it released to the care provider?

    Home Carers Direct uses Assembly Payments (Escrow) to process payments for home care services arranged on the platform. Assembly Payments acts as an independent third party by collecting and holding the money a care seeker pays and not releasing it to the care provider until after a home care service is provided (3 days later).

    If Home Carers Direct is not notified that the home care services were not delivered, the service is taken to have been delivered and the money is released to the care provider.

    Read more about how money and fees are handled with Home Carers Direct.

  9. Can I adjust the appointment details after the appointment? (For example, if the carer spends less or more time than originally booked for)

    Under the Home Carers Direct user agreement, care seekers have 3 days immediately after the care appointment to notify Home Carers Direct if home care services have not been delivered or to make an adjustment (increase or decrease) to the amount of time paid for.

  10. Do the dates and times on the booking record need to be totally accurate?

    Yes, this is very important for insurance purposes. Insurance arranged by Home Carers Direct on behalf of care providers applies only to the care that is detailed in the booking record as arranged and paid for through the Home Carers Direct platform. Therefore, it is essential that all the details in the booking record are accurate.

  11. What should I do if a care provider or care seeker offers to arrange or pay for home care services outside the platform?

    If a care provider or care seeker offers to arrange or pay for home care services outside the Home Carers Direct platform, you should decline the offer and report them to Home Carers Direct.

    The main reason for this is that insurance covers apply only to home care services that are arranged and paid for on the Home Carers Direct platform.

    If home care services are arranged and paid for outside the platform, the care provider will not be covered by insurance arranged by Home Carers Direct on behalf of the care provider.

    In addition, invoicing or arranging payment of booking fees outside the platform is contrary to the Home Carers Direct terms of use.

  12. Can government funding be used with Home Carers Direct?

    If your government funding allows you to choose who delivers your home care services, you can use that funding to engage a care provider of your choice using the Home Carers Direct platform. Read more about government funding.

  13. What are the minimum requirements for care providers using the Home Carers Direct platform?

    The following are mandatory for offering any home care service on the Home Carers Direct platform:

    • a national police record check every 2 years (care providers must meet suitability criteria);
    • photo identification;
    • a valid working with children check (if the care provider offers to work with children);
    • proof of each qualification the care provider says that they have;
    • 2 referees.

    In addition, particular home care services require specific qualifications. Read more about this in the question below.

  14. Can an organisation be a care seeker on Home Carers Direct?

    Yes. An organisation can be a care seeker on Home Carers Direct. We are developing a tailored care seeker on-boarding process for organisations.

  15. I am a home care provider. What home care services can I provide according to my qualifications and experience?

    Our system will allow you to provide specific home care services in line with your qualifications and experience. Read more about services available.

  16. Does Home Carers Direct provide training?

    Home Carers Direct does not provide or organise any training. In the future, we hope to build relationships with training providers for the benefit of our platform users.