Frequently Asked Questions for Care Seekers

  1. Is Home Carers Direct safe for care seekers?

    The safety of our platform users is of paramount importance. Home Carers Direct promotes the safety of care seekers through:

      System intelligence that allows carers to offer only the services they are qualified to provide

      Our system prohibits the care provider from offering care services they are not qualified to perform. For example, the platform will not allow a booking if the care recipient is a child and the care provider does not have a valid working with children check.

      The possibility to report and deregister care providers

      Home Carers Direct can deregister care providers (and care seekers) from the platform in certain circumstances - for example, where the care provider has acted inappropriately.

      Ensuring all care providers are properly insured

      Home Carers Direct has arranged market-leading general liability, professional indemnity and personal accident and sickness insurance on behalf of care providers for services arranged and paid for on the platform.

      A rigorous care provider registration process

      Home Carers Direct has developed a rigorous care provider registration process that includes:

      • a national police record check every 2 years (care provider must meet suitability criteria);
      • photo identification;
      • a valid working with children check (if the care provider wants to work with children);
      • proof of qualifications;
      • 2 referees.

      Strict adherence to privacy principles

      All personal information collected by us will be treated in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). These principles provide for how personal information may be collected, used, disclosed, stored and destroyed. Care providers using the Home Carers Direct platform are required to treat personal information in accordance with these same principles.

      Feedback and ratings

      Care seekers can provide feedback to Home Carers Direct about a care provider. They can also rate care providers. These ratings are visible to all future care seekers.

    • Do I need to pay a fee to Home Carers Direct?

      Yes. Home Carers Direct charges a fee in exchange for the hosting and administration functions we provide.

      For care seekers, this fee is equal to 5% of the fee charged by the care provider. This 5% is payable in addition to the care provider's fee.

      Payment processing fees may be charged by Assembly Payments (our chosen payment gateway). We may pass on a portion of those fees to care seekers. If so, this will be disclosed before you pay.

      See all of the fees, and find out how fees are applied to your transaction.

    • How can I pay for home care services?

      You can pay by bank transfer, BPAY, direct debit, credit card or with funds held in an Assembly Payments digital wallet. Certain payment methods will attract an additional charge.

      All bookings must be paid for upfront with funds held in escrow by Assembly Payments until after the care is delivered.

      Where you book an appointment that is 8 days or more into the future, you are encouraged to pay by bank transfer to avoid charges payable to Assembly Payments (note that for the booking to be confirmed, funds paid must clear in time for the appointment). However, you can choose the payment option most convenient for you.

      If you book an appointment that is within 7 days, the system will require you to pay with an instant payment method (credit card or funds already held in your Assembly Payments digital wallet). It will not allow payment to be made by a non-instant method such as bank transfer. This is to ensure that the booking can be confirmed before the appointment time.

      Some payment methods will incur a transaction fee. You can also find out more about how fees are calculated for your booking.

    • Can government funding be used with Home Carers Direct?

      If your government funding allows you to choose who delivers your care or support services (e.g. Home Care Package, NDIS), you (or the provider managing your funding) can use that funding to engage a care provider of your choice using the Home Carers Direct platform.

      Care providers using the Home Carers Direct platform have current national police checks (less than 2 years since issue), their qualifications have been verified and they are insured.

      Provider organisations can register as Care Seekers on the Home Carers Direct platform and are encouraged to independently verify any aspect of a Care Provider's profile or ask them any question.