Fees explained

Mary wishes to pay Jessica for two hours of care by Visa or Mastercard. Jessica's hourly rate is $50.

The example below shows what Mary pays and what Jessica and Home Carers Direct receive.

Mary pays Jessica ($50 x 2 hours), in order to confirm the booking
Mary pays HCD 5% hosting fee
Mary pays a portion of Assembly Payments Visa/Mastercard transaction fee (0.8%)
Total amount paid by Mary
  1. The $100 is held by Assembly Payments in their escrow account and will not be released to Home Carers Direct or Jessica until three days after the care is provided
  2. Mary can remove her transaction fees by paying directly from her bank account if the payment is made at least 8 days prior to the care event

3 days after the care is provided, the booking is finalised.

Jessica receives the following:

Jessica’s fees (including any GST payable)
Less HCD’s hosting fee (10%)
Net amount received by Jessica for the care provided to Mary (incl. any GST)

Home Carers Direct receives the following:

Hosting fee from Jessica (including GST)
Hosting fee from Mary (including GST)
Less Assembly Payments Transaction Fees (1.45% + 30cents)
Net Admin fee received by HCD (incl. GST)

Transaction fees can vary based on your payment method. For further details, refer to our summary of all transaction fees.

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