Disability Support at Home Carers Direct

At Home Carers Direct you can find a range of home care services to support people with disability and their families.

You might be looking to get out and about for an appointment or outing or looking for support in and around your home with, for example, assistance with eating, showering/bathing, hoist/transfer.

At Home Carers Direct, the number, duration and frequency of bookings is flexible. You can have a once-only booking or you can make bookings as frequent as you like. For on-going bookings, be sure to discuss this with your chosen carer.

Keep in mind that you can always build a team of support workers within the same or across more than one of the care types (domestic & social; personal; nursing) to meet your support needs and to help you maintain both your social and personal wellbeing. For example, depending on your disability, it may be appropriate for you to combine personal care with domestic and social care. You can also use the file sharing feature available within your account to upload and share any important documents with each of your chosen support workers.

With Home Carers Direct, you can choose the right support worker for you and book directly. It's affordable and flexible. All carers using the Home Carers Direct platform have passed national police record and referee checks, have had their qualifications verified and are insured.

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