What is a Care Seeker?

A care seeker is someone who is looking to book the services of a home carer.

You will have choice and control over your home care - you can choose the right home carer for you based on:

  • qualifications
  • experience
  • languages
  • availability
  • hourly rates; and
  • performance ratings.

You can book in care jobs on behalf of others, too - you just need to register them as care recipients within your account. You can register multiple care recipients. You'll need to provide an emergency contact for each care recipient, as well as their date of birth.

Care providers are insured, have passed police record and referee checks and have had their qualifications verified.

Bookings and payments are made using a secure online system, with payments held in escrow until the booking is complete. After the booking takes place, you have three days to make any changes (such as the booking took longer, or was shorter, than expected) before the carer is paid.

Registering as a care seeker will take only a few moments and will allow you to:

  • view carer profiles in full;
  • send messages to carers via the chat-style messaging system; and
  • arrange and manage your home care services by making and paying for bookings.

Register as a Care Seeker

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